Hatcher Nolasco & Fletcher, PLLC provides practical solutions to partnership disputes, whether those solutions occur in the boardroom or in the courtroom. For instance, the firm regularly handles partnership disputes involving:

  • Workouts

  • Buyouts

  • Reconciliation

  • Litigation and trial

The firm thoroughly assesses the details of your business and partnership to provide you with a plan to resolve your dispute. Unfortunately, negotiated resolutions are not always an option. In those circumstances, the attorneys at Hatcher Nolasco & Fletcher, PLLC are prepared to aggressively, efficiently and skillfully litigate such disputes.


Hatcher Nolasco & Fletcher, PLLC regularly litigates cases involving contractual disputes related to:

  • Partnerships

  • Purchases and sales

  • Real estate and commercial matters

  • Leases

  • Construction

The firm takes a practical approach to business and contractual disputes, and strives to balance the preservation of long-term relationships with the need to protect contractual rights. Because the firm knows you and your business, it understands how to tailor its litigation strategies to your contractual circumstances and goals.