Hatcher Nolasco & Fletcher, PLLC represents developers, property owners, contractors and subcontractors in a variety of commercial and residential construction transactions including:

  • Construction contracts

  • Licensing issues

  • Lien documentation

  • Construction defects

  • Construction payment and collection disputes

  • Mechanic’s liens

In the event a dispute arises related to , our goal is to provide clients with thoughtful solutions that balance both the legal and economic realities of the situation. After performing a thorough analysis of the dispute, we draw upon our extensive expertise to develop and efficiently implement strategies that are creative, practical and cost-effective. In particular, we are intimately familiar with Arizona’s unique statutes regarding prompt payment, mechanic’s liens,and construction defects.

Where disputes must be resolved through legal action, you can depend on us to protect your rights while also emphasizing practical resolutions. We know in the construction industry that today’s legal adversary is very often tomorrow’s business partner.


In any construction project there is a possibility that the work will not be up to proper standards. Hatcher Nolasco & Fletcher, PLLC, handles construction defect matters regularly.The issues typically identified in construction defect matters are:

  • Negligent workmanship

  • Flawed design

  • Defective materials

In all instances, the legal issues are complicated. Whether an owner or contractor strong representation from an expert in the industry is necessary.


A mechanic’s lien is a debt collection tool that contractors can employ to ensure that they are paid by the people that employ them. The attorneys at Hatcher Nolasco & Fletcher, PLLC, provide legal guidance and aid regarding mechanic’s liens to contractors and owners.

If you hired a licensed contractor to perform a construction project or improve your residential or commercial property, that contractor may have lien rights against the property. There are several statutory protections for owners, and you should immediately contact an attorney to evaluate the validity of any mechanic’s lien recorded (or threatened to be recorded)against your property.

Hatcher Nolasco & Fletcher, PLLC, will work with you to pursue the outcome that protects your property. Ideally, you should come to us before entering into an agreement with a contractor, so we can protect you beforehand. However, you do have options if a lien is recorded against your property.

As a contractor you have the right to get paid for the work you do, and the materials you provide to any construction project or improvement. You put in time and money into the project and getting short-changed will hurt your bottom-line and future prospects for your next project.You have obligations and we understand that. We will help you receive the payment you deserve for your time and investment.

In both cases, owners and contractors can find themselves in a time crunch. That is why it is vital to get proper legal advice as soon as you can.